Escola Túrbula

Fiona Poole

My name is Fiona Poole. I am 20 years old and I am a language student from Ireland. I am on work placement in Escola Túrbula as an English Language Assistant from January until the end of June.


This week was my first full week working in Escola Túrbula. I am finding it very interesting so far. I get to practice speaking different levels of english to help students of different ages. We talk about our daily lives, our summer holidays, what we like to do at the weekend. We then play some games to practice English vocabulary. 


I have just finished my 3rd week working at school. I have gotten used to the routine. The weather was really nice this week after Storm Gloria last week! I have started my second round of lessons with some of the classes. I have moved onto practicing past tense verbs through memory games with flashcards and some team games on the internet. I find that learning through games is a great way to teach as it is entertaining but also very effective.